Before we start to talk about the problems and symptoms that your transmission could be having – let’s talk for a minute about what a Steptronic transmission is in your BMW. The BMW Steptronic Transmission gives you the option to choose between an automatic or manual transmission. The gearbox with the Steptronic gives you the choice between using a manual shift when you want to and changing over to the multi-drive mode automatic when you need or want it.

Even though this transmission works far different than most vehicles since it has the design capability to be both automatic and a manual vehicle, the issues in the transmission will show signs like most other transmissions.

Check Engine Light Turns On

Your BMW dashboard has a lot of different indicator lights but one of the most important lights is the “check engine” light. Your BMW has special sensors that can detect the difference between a general engine problem and a specific transmission issue, and will let you know if there is a transmission problem by lighting the transmission warning light; however, because transmission problems can have a direct effect on other parts of the engine, you may notice that your check engine light illuminates when there is a transmission problem at the source.

Difficulty Shifting Gears

This is a big one – especially with a vehicle that has both manual and automatic transmission abilities. The way you can tell if your BMW is having a hard time shifting, you may experience intense jerking when the engine shifts gears, clutch squeaking, grinding noises, or gear-shift hesitation. If this is happening, you will see your RPM gauge ramping high and if it stays like this for too long it can cause your engine to stall. In worst cases, the car might even go into limp mode, where it cannot be driven, but should be towed to Bob Workman’s European to be fixed.

Transmission Leaks

If you are seeing a pooling of red/pink or green fluid under your BMW – you have a transmission leak. This isn’t good! Because if you don’t have transmission fluid in your system it can cause your transmission to lock up, overheat and cause not just your transmission to have issues but all of the systems attached to your transmission to have issues too.

We don’t like to mess around when it comes to transmissions in your BMW. If you are feeling concerned about how the health of your Steptronic transmission is – give us a call today to set up an appointment for us to check your transmission.