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BMWs and Walnut Blasting Vista, CA

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BMW’s need air to flow through their engines to work properly like humans need air. Three important components of the BMW air intake system are the Throttle Body, the Mass Air Flow Sensor, and the Engine Air Filter. These devices regulate the air flow through the engine to the combustion chambers containing the fuel. In this way, the air intake system regulates the car’s efficiency.

Over time, the manifold intake, through which the air travels, can become clogged with carbon. This interrupts the air flow and causes the car to burn fuel less efficiently and thus run less efficiently. This can make the act of driving the car much less exciting all the way to downright sluggish.

Signs that the air intake system needs to be cleaned include:

  • The check engine light activating
  • The engine starting slower than usual
  • An idle that is erratic rather than smooth
  • Unusually slow acceleration

Remember, there is no light on your dash that says. “Your Vehicle Needs A Walnut Blasting” the symptoms above could lead to a few different issues, through diagnosing those issues in your BMW we will find it if you need a intake system cleaning/ walnut blasting service.

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The best way to fix this problem of Carbon Clogging is Walnut Blasting. This service involves crushed walnut shells (yes, walnut shells) blown through the engine air intake system. This effectively breaks down the carbon blocking the engine’s air intake allowing it to breathe more efficiently.

Regularly cleaning of the air intake system will allow for your BMW to last longer and drive much better without it feeling sluggish or that it’s under performing.

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