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Brake Pad And Rotor Replacement Vista, CA


When do you need brake pad and rotor replacement?

The simple explanation is looking for symptoms that your brakes need to be replaced. You can also give us a call or come in for an inspection and not only will we inspect your brake pads and rotors but your entire braking system. Then we should be able to give you an estimate of when they need to be replaced, whether there is 40% or 60% life left or just a couple months.

Those symptoms are:

  1. Pulsing or shaking of the steering wheel
  2. Squealing or screeching when applying your brakes
  3. Soft or hard brake pedal
  4. Taking longer to stop than normal
  5. Grinding noise when applying your brakes

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Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement Cost

We would love to give you an exact quote right here in our article. The issue with that is if you drive a Honda or a Ford to a Mercedes or a Porche. The brake estimated cost will range from $100 – $1000. If you also need rotors, it could be more on certain vehicles. Only because the cost of parts vary so much between vehicles.

It’s also possible you only need brake pads and not rotors, or your brake fluid is low, both of these would be a completely different repair and the cost will also change.

So give us a call and we will give you our best estimate over the phone, to be 100% sure we will need to see your vehicle in person. So first give us a call, then we will get you an idea of what it would cost. If all sounds good we can schedule a time to look at your brakes.


How much life do my brakes have left?

Estimating the end of brake pad or rotor life can be hard, as they can last anywhere from 12,000 miles to well over 100,000 miles. Why that is such a big difference is the driving conditions the brakes are used. For instance, severe driving conditions like heavy commuter traffic or city driving with multiple stop signs and lights, will wear brakes much faster. On the other hand, if it’s just a commuter vehicle and you drive highways where your brakes are rarely used. Your brake wear would be much less.

To make this even more confusing, the quality of materials used on your brake pads and rotors will also have an impact on how long they will last. If you call up your local auto parts store, they will normally give you three options that vary in price by nearly $100. As you can assume the brake life will be drastically different depending on the quality of your brake pads and rotors.

At our shop we find out what type of driving you do, then advise you on the appropriate brake pad. Some shops just try and quote the lowest price possible, then you’re frustrated when only a year later you need brakes again. Where the right brakes on the right vehicle may last many years saving you time and money.

What happens if my brake rotors and pads are not replaced in time?

Neglected brakes will lead to higher repair costs and if serious neglected can cause an accident. You see if the brakes are ignored after hearing squealing, possibly grinding or taking longer to stop. Your brake pads will eventually wear out completely which means that you will hear a metal grinding noise which is the metal behind your brake pad is now rubbing against your metal rotor. This will seriously change how long it takes your car to stop when braking.

If this metal on metal braking continues the heat created by the friction will overheat the rubber seals in the piston and damage the flexible rubber hose. Then your brake fluid will leak from the seals around the piston in the caliper, releasing much of the hydraulic pressure. With very little to no pressure, your brakes will be very ineffective and could take 10X the distance to stop or more than with a well maintained braking system.

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