Driving Tips for BMW Performance

Driving Tips for Ongoing Optimal Performance in Your BMW

Ahh BMW, one of the roadways more impressive models of vehicles. As you are aware, your BMW vehicle is a “top of the class” motorized vehicle. And I am sure because of that you want to keep your BMW going on the road running at peak performance levels, so how do you do that?

It is as simple as changing some of your everyday driving habits. For example, if you were to go to a car lot and purchase a vehicle that looked like it was in good condition, but it had 45,000 miles on it, you’d think that is not bad for a used vehicle. However, think of it this way, if that vehicle was beat up every single one of those 45,000 miles – you’d find out at the worst possible time that that vehicle is garbage. In this article we are going to share a few easy tips in modifying how you drive every day that will help elongate your BMWs lifespan on the road.

Take it easy on the brakes

This is good advice for any model of car but especially for BMWs. Having a lead foot isn’t good for the engine or your gas mileage but that also means, more often than not, you are having to slam on your brakes too. The more often you do this more likely it is that your BMW will need to have the brakes, calipers and rotors replaced due to a mechanical dysfunction.

Keep an eye on those corners

Yeah, we know, your BMW is going to master those corners like a champ, it is part of their elegant design. But did you know that every time you are zipping around those turns the alignment of your vehicle shifts ever so slightly? If that wasn’t reason enough forcing your car to take those corners also wears down your suspension and soon your BMW won’t be able to handle those corners anymore. We know it is fun but try to limit how many times you “Fast and Furious” those corners.

Slow and Steady

Remember our reference to “Fast and Furious” a second ago? This is along those same lines, when you are wanting to “Paul Walker” take off from a traffic light this doesn’t do your engine or your MPG any favors. In fact, even though we know it is fun to do, this takes a strain on your engine and starts to wear your ignition coils and spark plugs. Without your ignition coils and spark plugs your BMW will start to stall or misfire – so better to not.

Check the weather report

We are sure most of you check the weather before heading into work to see if you need to dress warmer or bring an umbrella. This is a good tip for your BMW as well. A major performance factor is the tires of your BMW. You will want to keep in mind the temperature changes for your tires, when it gets colder it is good to mind the pressure in your tires as well.

These few tips will help optimize your BMWs performance and have a longer lifespan on the road.