When car manufacturers test their product, they try to push the vehicles during some of the harshest conditions to work out the “bugs” before selling their product to consumers. But like everything else, with extreme temperatures, not just hot but cold as well, parts of your vehicle can undergo more wear and tear over time. So, the next time you travel under the sun’s smoldering heat, there is a chance that your car can have a few problems.

One of the most common causes of engine trouble is cooling issues. The coolant is the liquid responsible for maintaining your car engine’s low temperature. It circulates throughout the entire machine to make sure that it’s cool. If there is any leak inside your cooling system, there is a chance that a significant portion of your coolant will leak out. Once that happens, you will have the outside air to keep your engine cool. It is always a good tip to bring extra coolant with you in your vehicle during the summer months, enabling you to top off the reservoir easily.

During the summer, experts suggest testing your coolant to ensure that it doesn’t have any damages. Overheating engine can cause various damages to your car’s engine, especially to your tires.

Your battery is also another factor of your vehicle that can suffer due to high heat temperatures. Did you know that the moisture in the acid inside your battery can evaporate, causing your battery to die or drain?

These are not just tips for high heat conditions, but cold weather can do as much if not more damage to your engine and car parts. Trying to operate a car that has been sitting overnight at -30℉ like what is common to see in Alaska in the winter can be just as if not more harmful to your engine than if you let your car sit in Death Valley all day without proper coverage.

Simple tips to think about when you live in or transiting through locations during peak seasons of extreme temperatures. If you have any more questions about how weather affects your car’s ability, give us a call at Bob Workman’s European today!