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  • 1304 N Melrose Dr, Vista, CA 92083
  • 760.630.7674
  • 1304 N Melrose Dr, Vista, CA 92083

Volvo Bob

He’s been around for over 25 years and if you need an expert opinion … say no more.

Engine Work

The heart of any car, we can service, restore, and diagnose any engine issue you may have. From classic Volvo and BMW engines to the latest high-tech power plants feature in the newer cars, we’ve seen all!


We’ve been servicing BMWs for decades. We can handle any year or model of Bimmer and perform scheduled maintenance to keep your ultimate driving machine running like new. Whether your Bimmer is factory stock or tuned to the edge, we can handle it all. We’re familiar with aftermarket BMW vendors such as Dinan and AFE among others and are happy to work on any projects you can dream up!

The Shop

Located in sunny Oceanside CA, the shop is easily accessible from all over southern California. Come by and visit us.


It all started with Volvos and continues to be one of our primary areas of expertise. We have been servicing and restoring Volvos for over 25 years. Have a special project in mind? Come by or give us a call.


We always love to visit Bimmerfest. What a great way to see all the new and exciting work that’s being done on the Ultimate Driving Machine. It’s always exciting to see our customer’s cars at the show and to be a part of this exciting event.