Imagine this for me if you will, it is the middle of July,
sun is shining, and you get in your car that has been sitting in the sun all
day. After you start the car you immediately turn on the A/C – only to find out
that it isn’t working and instead of a cool breeze hitting you from your vents
HOT air is blowing in your face making you feel like you are in the desert
slowing being cooked from the heat. This isn’t as uncommon as some might think,
and if you’ve ever been in this situation, we understand and feel for you.

There are a few reasons why your A/C isn’t working – let’s
talk about what those might be, so you know how to fix it ASAP.

Leaking of the Freon

Have you ever opened your
refrigerator and enjoyed that first blast of cold air hits your face as you are
searching for the milk or juice? That blast of air is freon, the same freon
that keeps your A/C cold. Leaks are prevalent around the connection clamps or
hoses; this happens because of wear on the tubes. If you can find on your own
or you take your car to a technician, the fix is easy; you can buy a sealant at
any auto parts store or use gorilla tape to secure the leak. This is an excellent
temporary fix. Eventually, we suggest that you replace the hoses or connection
clamp that leaked.

Blocked Condenser/Broken

Your vehicle’s condenser is
designed to re-cool hot refrigerated air; this is one of the main units of your
car’s air conditioning system. If your condenser is blocked by debris or other
random items that get picked up along the road, you will soon be able to tell
because you will begin to notice that your A/C isn’t as cold as it was last
week then you might have something blocking your condenser. If your condenser
is broken, you will be able to tell because your engine could start to “smoke,”
overheat and your A/C absolutely isn’t working anymore. For either of these
issues, the best thing to do is crawl under your vehicle to see if you can
identify if there is a blockage. If you don’t see anything blocking your
engine, then you will want to call us at Bob Workmans European – Bob Workman to
have your vehicle brought in for repair.

Electrical Issues

Same as your house, sometimes you
get an electrical shortage, which is why we buy surge protectors. The same
thing can happen to your A/C unit in your vehicle. We suggest to visually
inspect to see if you can identify broken or frayed wires if you do notice
damage – bring it in. Our electrician specialist will be able to repair the
damage quickly and get you back on the road again with the A/C keeping you
fresh during the heat of the summer.

If you would like to schedule
maintenance for your A/C unit in your car or have questions about “recharging”
your Freon, give us a call at Bob Workmans European – Bob Workman, we love to
help answer any of your questions you may have!