Sometimes we take our suspension for granted, the easy ride, leaning into the corners, grazing over bumps and ruts in the road. Without our wonderful vehicle suspension, we end up feeling every one of those bumps through the car, up through the seat and straight up our spines. Needless to say that it is important to give a little love to your car’s suspension, plus without a strong suspension it can become dangerous to drive your vehicle and now your safety is at stake.

We wanted to share a few tips with you on when you’ll know that your suspension needs a little love and when it might need to just be serviced or when it needs to be replaced.

Rough Ride

When your bumps are getting a little rougher that is a good indication that your suspension is on it’s way out. When every bump bounces straight through your body – it is time to schedule a visit to the mechanic’s shop.

Pulling in the turns

When your suspension is failing, generally you will feel a pull when you are making turns. This just means that when your shocks are failing the vehicle isn’t able to keep the body of the car stable in the turns which means that you have a high risk of rolling your car if you take a turn too sharp or too fast. If you feel this pulling in your turns it is important that you get your car taken into a shop soon.

Taking a Dive

A good sign that your shocks are wearing out is when you are stopping at a stop sign or stop light and your car feels like it is turning it’s nose down. When your suspension goes it can hinder your ability to stop suddenly.

Uneven Tires

If you’ve felt or seen any of the previously mentioned symptoms of your suspension failing, this is another good sign that is easy to check if you want to visually confirm that there is an issue with your suspension system. Uneven tire treads. If you see that you have balding spots or uneven wear on your tires you can see that the car isn’t holding on the road the way your vehicle was designed.

We want you to be safe on the roads so if you feel concerned that your suspension or your shocks are wearing out or failing you should bring your car into Bob Workman’s and we will ensure that you and your vehicle are safe on the roads for all of your travels.