When Does My Volvo Need To Be Serviced?

Volvo owners know that the driving experience of owning this exceptional brand of cars is unlike any other. Especially considering how long they are expected to last and stay road ready, taking care of them is crucial to sustaining their longevity. When does a Volvo need to be serviced, and how often should it be taken in for routine maintenance? The answer lies in the owner’s manual, and this general guide to keeping your Volvo running smoothly!

When Should I Service my Volvo?

Various Volvo models recommend routine full service checkups with certified experts every 12,000-18,500 miles. Depending on the model, it could be more often than not. Things like fluid changes, oil changes, and other routine checkups need to happen more often. Famous for their safety features and solid manufacturing, Volvo has become additionally synonymous with style, reliability, and high quality workmanship in the last 10 years. This means that because the vehicle gives owners the very best, the car needs that care in return to stay at its optimum level of output.

Why Regularly Service a Volvo?

It might be tempting to wait for something to go wrong with your Volvo before getting work done, but that is a risky move. Regularly servicing your vehicle not only keeps it at optimum performance, but also ensures that if a problem is developing it can be caught and stopped. Two major factors back this up.

Keeping a Volvo Safe through Regular Servicing

One of the most important things to all drivers is safety. A well maintained car is much more reliable, not only on long trips, but short ones too. With anything able to happen on the road at any time, your car is only as prepared as you are, and preparedness involves servicing your vehicle to make sure everything is working properly.

Maintaining your Volvo’s Value

Another very important concept is keeping your Volvo’s value intact through regular servicing. You may not want to sell your car now, but you never know when you might. Even if you want a newer Volvo, selling your car may get you closer to that dream.

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